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Changing Point Program consists of community and conservation projects on Nias island. 

We are supporting the Nias Surf Club and the free english school in Lagundri. 

We are supporting the breeding programme for the endangered Nias Hill Mynah in collaboration with the Nias National Museum, focused on protecting this precious bird from extinction.  

We are also asking you as travellers to look at our Nias Checklist and see if you can travel in a more conscious and sustainable way:

No Plastic - bring your own refillable water bottles, tote bags, bamboo toothbrush, no to straws and single use plastic.

Inspire locals - beach clean, educate, support enterprise and initiatives / lead by example.

Alternative incomes - support the local economy, purchase a souvenir, fruit, fish. 
Social - support local NGOs, offset your carbon footprint / plant a tree / sponsor a child’s school fees / respect the culture.

Get Involved - Donate

Donate to help support our film - we still need to raise the final funds for our film. If you’d like to get involved you can do so here.